Thursday, April 24, 2014

Comfort is King…or is it?

When talking footwear…comfort is king followed closely by aesthetics and design. However…one place where comfort isn't king…is in life…it really isn't.

Finding a comfortable place seems like ecstasy, at times…but in the land of the lost…which is the land that we roam…each and every one of us…at least at one time or another…comfort is anything but king.      

In my last post, I said I was finally feeling comfortable in my new life…but as I reread my last post…I realized how silly I sounded. I know that being uncomfortable is a must if one wants to progress. Without discomfort we become complacent.

Let's think about this word…un-comfort-able…it means not able to be comforted. It is in those times, when no one is able to comfort you, including yourself…that you either stay the same or change. You ignore it or you don't. un comfort makes you go to places you haven't been…outside of ones comfort zone. If we never go outside of this comfort zone, one will never know how far one can go…we have set limits on ourselves…without realizing it. If one cannot learn this…one stays the same…in the same place, even though things around them are changing. We are stuck…inside of the limits…not outside pushing them.  We put another brick in the wall…instead of tearing it down.

A friend said to me, "plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose" (quote by Jean Babtiste Alphonse Karr) Translated…the more it changes, the more it's the same thing. At first I thought…that is enough to drive you crazy…and I was right. After you digest the statement…you realize that is SO true. Circumstances can change…but if one does not…the more you stay the same. Einstein is the one that said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

In order for that statement to alter…one must see through a different lens and approach being uncomfortable. It is with uncomfortable feelings that we see who we really are. Are we who we say we are or are we who we think we are? Are we who we want to be?

One may say…I am not a lier…but have just told a white lie…therefore…one is a lier. One must look at things in a different light, otherwise…things will remain unchanged, yet appear to have changed.

If we want to change…we must strive to be the person we want to BE...through more than our words, but of our actions.

If we believe we want to change…we must do. Just do it…right? That is how the saying goes. We must believe to receive. Seeing is believing, but tasting is proof. The proof is in the pudding…and if that is the case…pudding doesn't just magically appear. It takes work…separate ingredients blended together to make a new creation. Ask yourself…are you willing to walk in the wild wilderness on the edge of what people know as reality or are you comfortable in the box society planned and paved out for you?

As it occurred today…I was trying to blog a lesson I was learning myself…until something interrupted me…I was not able to continue…the computer was buffering or whatever…so I thought how apropos…I need to take a dose of my own medicine and take action on my to do list and it might as well be now. There is no time better than the present. So I did.

I cleaned. I ran errands. I attended a local business fair. I made a contact and sent a resume. I contacted a business leader for an interview for one of my blogs. I spoke to a patenting company.  I made future progress…despite the interruption that was occurring as I did not intend. Maybe someone was looking out for me…maybe I was looking out for me…either way…I started with a list of ingredients that I needed or rather wanted "to do" and got them done.

So…where is your proof? Are you ready to step outside of your comfort zone? Are you ready to do something that you are afraid of or that you keep putting off?

A king needs a queen…It looks like comfort is not the ONE for "him", at least if he is interested in growing up. Say cheese!

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